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In the area of THERAPEUTIC THERMALISM  (CLASSIC), are carried out treatments with mineromedicinal water in the area of Spa Therapy for conditions for which is indicated, such as rheumatic, musculoskeletal, respiratory and skin disorders.

The mineromedicinal water of the Longroiva spa is weakly mineralized, very alkaline, soft, sodium bicarbonated, carbonated, fluoridated, silicate and sulphurous.

In the area of ​​Balneoterapia to perform the following treatments:

Hydrotherapy (in Thermal Pool)
Immersions (Simple with Whirlpool, Aerobath and Underwater)
SHOWERS (Circling, Thalaxion, Pedidaix and Vichy Massage)
STEAM (partial to the column, Berthollaix, Members and Knees).
In the area of ​​Airway - ORL are held Nebulizations, irrigations, sprays and simple Aerosols and Sonics.

The thermal cure has an average duration of two weeks (twelve to fourteen days).

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