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Longroiva Hotel Rural

The Longroiva Rural Hotel is set in the hills of Northeastern Portugal, amid ancient walled towns and presiding over a wild landscape and wine country. Located 10 minutes from the famous prehistoric cave paintings of the Foz Coa Park, and near the banks of the River Douro, and the Douro Natural Park, the hotel offers a window into a natural and wonderful world. The hotel is built to take advantage of several thermal hot springs with different beneficial properties that heal the body and soul.

Let yourself be enchanted by the valleys and hills

The hotel, designed by the architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade, blends contemporary luxe design with the 19th century thermal spa building. The classic wing offers 2 elegance suites and 12 rooms in the historic spa building. In its contemporary wing, the hotel also offers 20 design rooms, with sweeping views as well as 10 new villas for indulgent escapes.

Health and Wellness

The medicinal waters of the Longroiva Thermal Spa have been sought out for centuries, and the first modern spa was built in the 18th century. The water proved beneficial in the treatment of aches, arthritis, and respiratory and skin issues. Longroiva Thermal SPA is located immediately next to the Longroiva Hotel and it is provided an internal access between the Thermal SPA and the Hotel, in order to ensure a better comfort for our guests!

Dive into our wellness center...

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Taste and visit

Quinta Vale d'Aldeia – located in the Meda region in the heart of the Upper Douro – is a project created by a family’s vision and love, with the simple goal of producing outstanding table wines.

Its estate is notable for its rich and complex microclimate, meaning that the generous soil mixes with selected grape varieties to generate truly unparalleled yield and quality. In addition we use cutting-edge wine-production technology, making Quinta Vale d’Aldeia one of the leading table wines from the Upper Douro demarcated region.

Quinta Vale d’Aldeia is well known for its selection of wines, ranging from light and aromatic to those selected for more refined taste.

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