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Script suggestions:

Option 1

1 day route:

10:00 am departure from the hotel

10:40 am visit to the castle of Numão (note that it is one of the best preserved castles in the municipality of V.N de Foz Côa)

12:30h suggestion for lunch at Petiscaria Preguiça (a restaurant where you can eat fish from the Douro river and an amazing fish soup, the same restaurant is next to the Douro river)

3:00 pm visit to the cooperative winery of Freixo de Numão (it's on the way back to the hotel, it's one of the oldest cooperatives in the region and still operational)

5:30 pm . Visit to the Historical Village of Marialva

7:30 pm . Return to the hotel

8:30 pm. Dinner at the Hotel

Option 2

1 Day Route:

10:30 am Departure from the hotel to the Côa Museum

11:00h. Visit to the city of Vila Nova de Foz Côa and the historic centre, with the main church being its main reference.

11:45h. Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Vila Nova de Côa

12:30h Lunch at the Côa Museum where you will be able to absorb a rich landscape in all its surroundings.

3:00 pm . Guided visit to the Vale do Côa archaeological park (booking required in advance)

18:00h . Return to the hotel

Places to visit within a radius of 50 km from the Hotel

  • Marialva historic village

  • Penedono Castle

  • Longroiva Castle

  • Numão's castle

  • Côa Museum

  • Trancoso historic village

Pedestrian Rails

  • Historical Villages Routes:

  • PR1 – Route of the Historical Village of Marialva

  • PR2 – Meeting the Castles of Mêda, Longroiva and Marialva

Spa Center Suggestions:

Pedestrian Circuit of Termas de Longroiva

GPS Track Link:

Suggestions from the Municipality of Mêda:

Hotel route suggestions

Nature Reserves

Wild Beech:

International Douro Nature Reserve

River Beaches

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